Bathroom Remodeling can Transform your Home

Along with the kitchen, bathrooms are probably the most utilized space in your home by you, your family and guests. A well designed bathroom can not only meet the needs of many, but also be a beautiful upgrade to any home. Envision turning that outdated step over tub/shower with that cracked fiberglass surround into a beautiful tiled steam shower with a seat. Change that single sink and vanity into a double sink space to allow both you and your spouse room in the morning. Or, create a warm, roll-in shower to allow an aging parent to access the shower with his or her walker or wheelchair. Whatever the need, bathroom remodeling can be both practical and beautiful.

Specific reasons people choose to remodel their bathroom(s) include:

1. Function – Designing a bathroom that meets you and your family’s needs is very important, and in some cases, may mean the difference between independence and dependence for older adults and those with disabilities. Why not create that master suite you dreamed of so you won’t have to wait in line with your children. Wouldn’t that save time, energy, and aggravation? Create a nice ground floor level bathroom with a higher toilet and decorative toilet paper holder that doubles as a handle for your guests of any age and ability. Or, modify that existing upstairs hall bathroom to a “Jack & Jill” for the kids. Whatever the need, designs can be developed to meet your unique need.

2. Plumbing Problems – Unfortunately, some homes start to show the signs of age or poor quality with plumbing issues resulting. These can become quite costly with time if leaks and drainage issues are not resolved. They can result in the growth of mold and mildew which can become a risk to health as well. Instead of constantly putting a bandage over the problem, remodeling the bathroom can result in less money expenditure in the long run and provide a beautiful, efficient end product.

3. Deterioration & Safety – The bathroom can be one of the more dangerous rooms in your home. Due to the combination of darker space, wet surfaces, hard surfaces, failing flooring, and few hand holds, many people fall and sustain serious injuries. Simple modifications such as replacing old cracked tiles, removing frayed carpet, installing non-slip flooring, improved lighting, improved ventilation to minimize mold and mildew growth, installed higher toilets for ease and balance needs, and installed handholds can make a tremendous difference to lower this risk.

4. Value & Resale – With kitchens being the most important to potential home buyers, next in line in importance is the bathroom. An updated, clean, and user friendly space can certainly improve how a potential buyer will feel about purchasing your home. Fresh paint, flooring, tile, and fixtures can be well worth the investment.

5. Style & Modernization – Are you tired of trying to find towels to match that horrid orange, avocado, or pale pink tile in your guest bath? Hoping brass will come back into style in the next 10-20 years? Or having more trouble folding yourself up to get into that low, short tub and dream of a walk-in steam shower? You are not alone.

This is your home and you should enjoy it. Consider updating your space to meet you and your family’s needs as well as create something of which you are pleased!