Is your Kitchen Outdated? Let Waterford Homes Help you Modernize the Space!

The kitchen is the focal point of any home. In this day of busy living, it not only serves as a place to prepare meals; but also, a work space for the kids to complete homework; a place for you to complete small office tasks; a space for late night chats and snacks with loved ones; and a space to entertain friends and family. With this in mind, having a beautiful and practical kitchen can enhance all of these needs.

Specific reasons people choose to remodel their kitchen include:

1.Function - Designing a kitchen that works for your lifestyle, not the previous owner, may be much needed. Maybe you're not the formal dining room family and you want a breakfast bar for the kids, or a place to have coffee with the neighbor. Maybe both you and your spouse enjoy cooking together and you need more open space to allow a 2 person kitchen. Maybe your mother has come to live with your family, and she loves to help cook, but her wheelchair does not fit in the kitchen; and even if it did, the counters are too high for her to work. Whatever the reason, designing this central space to meet your needs is critical.

2.Storage & Organization - Imagine being able to open a cupboard and see what foods you have available without digging through all the shelves to find that one ingredient. Or, no longer finding 15 cans of creamed corn you didn't see in the back of the cabinet. You may have dreamed of a walk-in pantry, sliding pull-out drawers, a corner cabinet "lazy Susan", or pull-down shelves so you don't have to get up on that stool again. Simple storage solutions can make a world of difference for you and your family's unique needs.

3.Deterioration & Safety - Peeling linoleum, cracked tiles, frayed and dirty carpet, broken or missing cabinet doors, leaking appliances, dark work space, poor ventilation, foul smelling areas under the sink or refrigerator, reaching over the stove burners to access the controls, all represent hazards to you or your family members and can easily be corrected to reduce the risk of accident and injury.

4.Interaction & Entertaining - Is your kitchen open and free flowing or is it closed off to the rest of the household limiting only room for one or two people? Opening up a wall, window space, or simply modifying where cabinets are hung can open the kitchen up for the person preparing the meals as well as those visiting. Opening up a kitchen with the proper design can allow you to help the kids with their homework while you are also preparing a meal; or allow a multitude of people to watch the big game from the kitchen as well as the living room. In addition, it can help even the smallest home feel more spacious.

5.Value & Resale - The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house for potential buyers. A beautiful kitchen can mean the difference between a quick sale and a home that lingers on the market. A few changes such as paint, tile, fixtures, and flooring can greatly improve resale potential without excessive cost.

6.Style & Modernization - Your kitchen can be a unique expression of you. Do you love the outdoors and feel most comfortable in a kitchen with knotty pine, or are you more at home in the city with a modern stream line look? Whatever your taste, your home can reflect that and become your sanctuary.

Whatever the reason, remodeling your kitchen can be a creative and enjoyable process with an amazing end product for years to come!